Stream and Wetland Delineation, Mitigation, and Monitoring

VES provides a full spectrum of wetland-related services that includes delineations, biological resource assessments, 404 and 310 permit acquisition, compensatory mitigation design and implementation, and qualitative and quantitative monitoring. Ms. Vaughn is certified by the Wetland Training Institute and has performed delineations on thousands of acres across Montana for ski resorts, golf courses, private developers, planned unit developments, banks, churches, cities, and state agencies. The firm’s mitigation strategies reconcile the existing resource characteristics with long-term aesthetic and functional goals to ensure that the restoration project is in harmony with the ecosystem and watershed. Annual monitoring reports document the successful development of biologically integrated wetland and riparian systems constructed throughout the state’s mountains and valleys. In 12 years of working with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Ms. Vaughn has developed a collaborative relationship that results in minimal conflicts and a streamlined permit approval process.

Representative Projects
Bradley Creek Subdivision
Triple Tree Meadows
Valley West Subdivision
Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort
Laurel Glen Subdivision
Loyal Garden Subdivision
Mandeville Creek, Montana State University
Yellowstone Ranch Preserve
Flanders Creek and Rosa Subdivisions

Bradley Creek Ranch Subdivision

Triple Creek Meadows Subdivision

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