Triple Tree Meadows, Gallatin County, Montana

A 343-acre parcel owned by a local partnership and located in Gallatin County near Four Corners was proposed for a single and multi-family subdivision. The delineation identified the boundaries of Hyalite Creek and two forks of East Dry Creek that flowed from the south to north property boundaries. VES drafted the Watercourse Setback Mitigation Plan for Gallatin County based on NRCS guidelines for filter strips and riparian forest buffers. No development except trails was allowed within the setback. The mitigation proposal included rehabilitation of the cattle-impacted reaches of the west and east forks. The number of pools was to be increased to improve the functional value of the fish and aquatic habitat. VES drafted the Weed Management Plan for the project that defined annual site visits to identify invasive species and a variety of control methods including preventative, manual, and chemical alternatives.

Stream and Wetland Delineation, Mitigation, and Monitoring
Permit Acquisition/Compliance and Environmental Documentation
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