Mandeville Creek, Montana State University (MSU),
Bozeman, Montana

The proposed Animal Bioscience Facility located on the Montana State University (MSU) campus was situated within 50 feet of Mandeville Creek, a perennial stream historically impacted by irrigation and landscaping practices. Over 200 feet of the creek was relocated to meet the city watercourse setback standard and to restore the channel sinuosity, sediment transport capability, and aquatic habitat. A road and 84-foot culvert were abandoned and replaced with a pedestrian bridge as part of the restoration project.

University Services and the Architecture and Engineering Division of Montana required detailed construction specifications as part of the bid process. VES obtained a 124 permit from the Montana, Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (MFWP). Wetland plants grown in coir fabric were used to permanently stabilize and vegetate the banks of the low flow channel. The structural diversity of the vegetation cover was augmented with wetland seed and containerized trees and shrubs. Ongoing weed management has been critical to establishing a desirable vegetation cover. Four years of monitoring reports describing surface water levels, vegetation cover percentages, and weed control efforts have been submitted by VES to the Army Corps.

Stream and Wetland Delineation, Mitigation, and Monitoring
Mitigation Site Construction and Revegetation
Permit Acquisition/Compliance and Environmental Documentation
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