Flanders Creek and Rosa Subdivisions, Bozeman, Montana

The Bozeman Master Plan targeted the area located west of 19th Street for residential and commercial development. Flanders Creek and Rosa Subdivisions were located on separate 40-acre parcels annexed within the city limits. The surface water resources overlapped a common property boundary. VES coordinated the wetland delineation, Nationwide Permit application process, Mitigation Plans, and construction and revegetation oversight between the property owners, city planning office, federal and state agencies, and stream design and construction subcontractors. The plat layout encompassed over 10 acres of park space. Two stock ponds were expanded to create two larger lakes surrounded by a wetland fringe vegetated with sod salvaged onsite. Two straight reaches of a perennial stream were realigned to meet culvert and setback requirements while increasing the channel sinuosity, sediment transport capability, and wetland fringe. VES drafted the city watercourse setback planting plans and revegetation designs, assisted in designing the trail system, procured the plant materials, and provided oversight for the plant installation. Long-term weed management was critical to meeting the project’s success criteria and permit conditions. Three years of monitoring reports documented the rehabilitation of a self-sustaining wetland system.

Stream and Wetland Delineation, Mitigation, and Monitoring
Mitigation Site Construction and Revegetation
Permit Acquisition/Compliance and Environmental Documentation
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