ARCO, Lower Area One and Streamside Tailings Operable Units, Butte, Montana

As an employee of Schafer and Associates, a firm specializing in mine reclamation, Ms. Vaughn drafted Montana and National Environmental Policy Act (MEPA and NEPA, respectively) Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for regional hard rock mines and ski resorts. Ms. Vaughn was project manager for the revegetation designs of Lower Area One (LAO) and Streamside Tailings Operable Units, Superfund sites located on Silverbow Creek in Butte, Montana. The Revegetation Design for LAO entailed characterizing the backfill substrate; mapping the site hydrology; selecting appropriate species and planting methods for the floodplain and reconstructed streambanks; and defining pre- and post-construction monitoring requirements. Implementation of the revegetation design at LAO consisted of seeding native herbaceous species, planting over 10,000 containerized plant materials, harvesting and planting 20,000 willow cuttings, and installing bioengineered streambank treatments. Ms. Vaughn provided project and field oversight encompassing subcontractor selection; contract development and scheduling; plant material, supply, and equipment procurement; seeding and planting oversight; and subcontractor coordination and oversight.

Mitigation Site Construction and Revegetation
Permit Acquisition/Compliance and Environmental Documentation
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