Bradley Creek Ranch Subdivision, Norris, Montana

The Bradley Creek drainage basin encompasses 9100 acres of high desert sagebrush, grass prairie, and mountain terraces with several tributaries that converge at the bottomlands of the Bradley Creek Ranch. The ranch lies within an important migratory corridor for bald eagles and provides beneficial habitat for peregrine falcons. The 2119-acre parcel was to be developed in four phases with approximately 1500 acres of open space at full build-out. The steam corridors and wetlands were to be protected by setbacks.

The wetlands on the property are unusually extensive and diverse for a desert plant community. The Mitigation Plan entailed the re-establishment of Upper Burnt Creek and preservation of two seven-acre wetlands with 25-foot upland buffers around the wetland perimeters. VES completed the delineation, 404 and 310 permits, mitigation plan, functional assessments of the preservation wetlands, a Practicable Alternatives Analysis for the Army Corps, and subcontracted the Cultural Resource Survey. A Covenant of Dedication will be placed on the preservation wetlands and upland buffer to restrict development for perpetuity.

Stream and Wetland Delineation, Mitigation, and Monitoring
Permit Acquisition/Compliance and Environmental Documentation
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